Oxford Times (Bodleian) - 25th Aug 2010 online
Oxford Times (Bodleian) - 2nd Sept 2010
  Cambridge Research News - 12 May 2011
Guardian 17th Sept 2012
BZ-Berlin - 23 July 2012 online
Berliner Zeitung - 24th July 2012
Le Dauphine (Grenoble) - 9th March 2013
Grenoble - 12th April 2013
Leiden Stadvanontdekkingen - 10th May 2013 online
Oxford Times (Edinburgh) - 15th Aug 2013


Matthew Potter, artist's assistant
John Winterbottom, structural engineer
Neal Spencer, construction
Mike Heaney, Bodleian Libraries
Oxford Inspires
Dan Selinger, Oxford University Press
Philip Pullman
Jon Fawsett, The British Library
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Library
Rachel Capell and Oxford Twinning Association
Dr. Andreas Degkwitz and Frau Regina Pfeifenberger, Humboldt University Library
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Michael and Gabriele Hertz
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The Leiden/Oxford Association
Oxford International Links
Leiden University
Pat & Julian Goodacre
City Connect
Central Science Library
Cheltenham Literature Festival & Nelson Thornes
Tish Francis and staff at The Story Museum, Oxford
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